Inspiration: On the Riviera Front

Inspiration: On the Riviera Front


That cool and crisp feeling when skin meets ocean. That white noise as you swim just below the water. That exhilarating first breath of air as you break the surface. That ethereal, sea-salt breeze that picks up your featherweight cover-up. These are the simple, quiet and solitary moments that helped to inspire Mei L'ange’s introductory swimwear collection.

But true to our spirit, our design team decided to break up those visions of white-sand beaches and sun-dappled waves with contemporary motifs. Mood boards were pinned with wanderlust-inducing images and pop-of-color graphics alike. The result: A bold medley of abstract shapes as well as geometric lines — from south-of-France stripes to thoroughly modern diagonals — that stood out against a backdrop of azure blue.

Together, these striking images — as multi-faceted as the Mei L’ange woman — are a reflection of our sensibilities for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. And they express our eternal pursuit to find balance between timeless femininity and a whisper of modern allure.

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