Today, we put the spotlight on Mei L’ange head designer Eefje Sarah Dierickx. Having cut her teeth at brands such as Calvin Klein, Isabel Marant and Preen, the Central Saint Martins grad opens up about her design sensibility, top piece of advice on picking swimwear and so much more.

How would you describe your design sensibility?
Timeless yet modern. Clean yet graphic. Cool and effortless yet playful and edgy. I just love that ability to contrast two extremes and create something entirely new and fresh.

First fashion memory?
I actually had two firsts on the same day when I was 7-years-old. The very first thing I ever made was a bikini bottom — but the funny thing is, I didn’t intend it to be. It was a total accident. My grandmother was teaching me how to knit and I meant for it to be a scarf. But somehow it turned into bottoms with bows at the sides! I didn’t care. I was so proud of what I made — so I decided to style it with a top and my grandmother’s high heels, and I had my very first fashion show.

Describe the first swimsuit you ever wore.
Think neon pink, lots of ruffles and Mickey Mouse.

Best learning moment in fashion school?
I completely believe that mistakes are the best things to happen to any collection. When I was an undergrad in fashion school, students would throw away old patterns or scraps of fabric that were the result of mistakes. I collected these bits and pieces, and made a complete fashion collection out of that waste. It forces you think outside the box and what you can create is limitless when you’re limited.

My favorite swimsuit silhouette is…
The one-piece. I love that it leaves something to the imagination but still reads sexy in a covered-up kind of way. Bonus: It helps create this slimming, waist-nipping effect.

Favorite piece from the collection?
That’s so hard. It’s like playing favorites with your children. If I had to choose, it would be the MYA. First, it’s a one-piece — my favorite. But mostly I love how clean the silhouette looks and that whisper of edge the grommets at the shoulders offer.

My one piece of swimwear shopping advice is to…
Test out that white bikini before you hit the sand. You might think you look beach-ready on dry land, but the reality is your suit might look a little more see-through than you intended after a dip in the water.

What’s tacked on your mood board right now?
Without giving too much away (I have to keep some things close to the vest!), I’ve been pinning up images of bold shapes and bright colors. Fresh prints of course. And vintage graphics that lend softness.

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